Growing Kids Gods Way/Babywise

On becoming babywise/ Along the infant way by Gary Ezzo and Robert BucknamThis used to be called Preparing for parenting. We introduce this at our expectant parent workshops as one of the most helpful books to cope with a new baby. We have five sets of tapes/CDs and workbooks that we lend out.

On becoming babywise two by Gary Ezzo and Robert BucknamFrom 5 months to 15 months. I would recommend reading before you start to wean as it gives some helpful tips. The discipline methods are probably not required until you have a crawler on your hands. I do have same copies to lend.

On becoming toddler wise by Gary EzzoThis reminds you of the principles of earlier books and where you may have gone wrong! Gives three different ideas on potty training.

On becoming child wise by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam.An abridged version of the Growing Kids God’s way without the christianese and very readable. Aimed at parents of 3 to 7 year old it is part of the on becoming baby wise series and I think this one of the better books regarding discipline. Some of the wording used is a little too american/cheesey for me but the principles are fantastic. You can adapt it to suit your own family.

 I am currently reading on becoming preschool wise so I will let you know. All of the above books are on Amazon or we have a copy of each in the parent recourses. There is a series aimed at Christian families that run along side it called Growing Kids Gods Way. It is exactly the same except everything is back by biblical references. I have copies of all of these to lend. They can only be purchased directly from Christian Education Europe and I do have an account if you wish to order those.

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