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Maternity clothes

One question that I seem to get over and over again at the moment is “Where can I get cheap maternity clothes?” Before having kids I always looked somewhat romantically at maternity sections in clothes shops but I never looked at the price! It is so unfair that they make them so expensive and yet we all need something to wear during that time!

In the early stages of pregnancy you can get away with undoing buttons and wearing elastic waists. But as your normal clothes get uncomfortable, you may need to move up a size or lend from a friend who has a bigger wardrobe! Usually maternity clothes will swamp you until around 5 months unless it’s your second or third baby! Then you seem to look pregnant within weeks!

The best way to get maternity clothes is to borrow from a friend of the same size!  You normally want maternity clothes in the same size you were before you got pregnant. If your friends are also pregnant or a different size then a great answer is Ebay. My friend Taryn usually uses words like “Maternity summer bundle size 14” or “maternity dress size 14” in her search for clothes. Other options are sales in places such as Next, Mothercare or H&M. Work clothes always seem an issue but I found a decent pair of black trousers (I got mine from Bloomimg Marvellous) were invaluable which I could change with different tops. I also had one plain navy dress with short sleeves and one black one that I could throw a jacket or cardigan over if needed. My other best buys were one black and one white support vest (got mine from Mothercare). They weren’t cheap but were so versatile. Not only did they give support but they could be worn under blouses or cardigans and didn’t rise up over my bump. I had two pairs of pregancy jeans, one fancy pair from Next and one plain pair. You could possibly get away with one pair if you are working full time. After that it’s anything you feel comfortable in! I never wore any of Daniel’s clothes but you can always borrow the odd shirt or t-shirt from your partner if they are the right size. My chest was always too big…..!

Here is a list of some of the high street shops where you can browse for bargains.

  • Mothercare Can be expensive but they do good end of season bargains.
  • Next: Not available generally instore but can be ordered through their catalogue or online. I found their stuff washed well and kept their shape.
  • H&M:         A bit cheaper and do some nice stuff.
  • Dorothy Perkins: The larger the store, the better the collection.
  • Blooming Marvellous: They do have some shops or you can order a catalogue online or order direct from the website. Can be pricey but do have end of season bargains.
  • Topshop – limited range, reasonable prices.
  • Marks and Spencer – good range, good quality, prices comparable to Mothercare. 
  • ASDA –  with big clothing ranges – very reasonable prices, pretty good range.

You can also buy cheap and cheerful bigger clothes in places like Q&S, Peacocks and Primark.

A google search on “maternity clothes” will give you a vast number of websites too where you can purchase clothes. I found most of them a bit pricey. They are probably better if you are looking for a dress or outfit for an event such as a wedding. Again, Ebay is probably a good place to get a one off outfit for an event. 

The other problem you may have is that your pregnancy passes through more than one season. Layering is definitely the way to go. You won’t get too much use out of a thick jumper so stick with vests tops, t-shirts, shirts and cardigans.

Hope that’s helpful. If anyone has any helpful suggestions or comments to add, please feel free to post them


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