Summer holidays – You can survive!

Kids and BivouwacI am so looking forward to the summer holidays. My children are so ready to sit around in their pyjamas until 9am without mum nagging them to dress/breakfast/drag themselves to school and I am looking forward to not having to nag!  Of course on the other side of that is the fear of having 6 weeks to entertain two hyperactive boys who can create havoc if left to their own devices for too long!  It helps if you have a limitless budget but most of us don’t. So I have been looking for some cheap ideas to keep them amused.

If your children are between 5 and 11 the Hi Team are running a Holiday club for the first three weeks. You can check out the events on their blog The Hi Team.

If you are looking for some ideas to do at home check out the  Care for the family playtime letter for July. It has some good links to craft ideas and other things you can do to entertain your kids.

If you want to take them out for the day one great website is Days out with the kids. It covers all over England, Scotland and Wales and you can search on region, indoor/outdoor and age of kids!

The National trust is a great way to get your kids outdoors. You don’t have to be a member but most places will have an entry fee or car parking charge. The picture above was our day out to the Ashridge estate where we built this shelter in the forest! They often have events for kids during the holidays. We went to a Masquerade ball at Osterley Park over the half term!

So tomorrow we are off to Legoland  as our annual passes draw to an end (bought with tesco points – fantastic for days out!). It is one of those places that covers a wide age group. So far we have been to the park with bikes and picnic, been to Holland park adventure park with the Hi Team, had a paddling pool in the garden with various toys, made brownies, cakes and smoothies and played lots of imaginary games.

Today I have made capes for star wars characters with old towels! At the moment they are falling out on the next thing to do on the LEGO website!

Enjoy the summer!

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