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The Seven Pregnancy sins

One of the most confusing things when you are pregnant is what you can and can’t eat or do. I found this article on the Junior magazine web site which looks at the most common things that should be avoided and actually looks at the real risk to both mum and baby. What is quite amusing to me as a pastor is how they have used a “sin rating” from 1-5 for how harmful something is, 5 being the guiltiest! Here is the summary

Pregnancy sin Pregnancy Sin rating
Cigarettes 4-5
Alcohol 1-2 units a day 1- 2, heavy drinking 5
Caffiene moderate consumption 1
Soft and blue cheese 4
Bagged salad,fruit and veg 3
Oily fish 2
Raw or partially cooked eggs 1-2


Click on the link here to see the full article and to also get a list of seven ways to earn your pregnancy halo! Under handling stress try prayer instead of yoga!

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Child car seats and the Law

 CIMG0371 Having just had to return my children’s school uniform because when I got it home it was too short, I actually have measured my little giants up against the M&S  height chart. Andrew is now going into aged 11 trousers when he only turns 8 in October. Anyway that led me to thinking about car seats and whether he now needs one. A quick google came up with a fantastic site which contains a wealth of information to make sure you are not found breaking the law. I recommend a visit. Needless to say my eldest can now travel without the booster. He’ll be driving before we know it!

Another good read is the link on the junior magazine website for carseats. Health professionals now recommend that babies should not be left in a car seat for longer than two hours, and ideally less than one hour. This is because research suggests that sitting small babies in semi-upright positions may have serious health risks. Babies ‘tummy breathe’ – so squashing them into unnatural positions, as in car seats, restricts their breathing and maybe their digestion. Restricting a baby’s breathing can lead to oxygen desaturation – i.e, when blood oxygen levels fall so low that not enough oxygen reaches the vital organs, especially the brain. Experts believe, variously, that this can affect a baby’s development; or cause bradycardia (slowing of the heart) and apnoea (temporary suspension of breathing), both linked to cot death. Newborns, low birthweight and premature babies are most at risk. So if you are driving to your holiday destination plan in a number of breaks.

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