Car Journeys

Long car journeys can test even the happiest families. With the acquisition of 2 Nintendo DS game consoles from Grandma last Christmas I thought my boys would be sorted. But there was something refreshing about the fact after 30 minutes into our first long journey Andrew looked up from Fifa 09 and asked to play “I spy.” I spy can get a bit wearing, particularly if you are stuck in a traffic jam on the M25 so here are a few more games you can play


Go through the alphabet naming an animal that begins with each letter. Then you can move on to boys names, girls names, countries,food…. the possibilities are endless depending on the age of your kids!

Make up different kinds of animals by using one or both of your hands. Can you make a slithering snake? What about a butterfly? A dog? A snail? Take turns to guess what animal each of you are making. You can also make up short stories of big adventures for your clever hand puppet creations.

Leaving On A Jet Plane? I Like Driving In My Car (It’s Not Quite A Jag-u-ar). Think of as many songs as you can that are about cars, boats, planes, bicycles, or other means of transportation. Then, you can extend your songs to include other themes or words: “Love” and “baby” are good ones.

What are all the natural and man-made things you can think of that fly? That roll? That move on two legs? Or four legs? That slither on no legs. Things that bounce or buzz? If you’re travelling on a boat, then think of things that can swim. Travelling by car? Then think of wheels.

What’s the tiniest means of transportation you can think of? Maybe a Little Tikes car or a Gee wizz electric car. CIMG1285And what’s the biggest? The Airbus Giant jumbo? Name all the different methods of transporting humans you can imagine, starting from the teensiest.

Other things my kids love are story CDs. We have a collection of freebies that my parents collected from the Daily Mail but you can buy them in places like WH Smiths and Tesco quite cheaply. Our favourites are Paddington and The Cat in the Hat. Andrew likes The Famous Five whereas Matthew is a Mr Men fan. (the intro music on these is very repetitive and can drive you slowly insane!). Focus on the family do a fantastic series of Radio broadcasts called Adventures in Odyssey which I thoroughly recommend for kids aged 7 and above. You can get these from Christian bookshops or websites.


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    Rich said,

    Curiously this extends way beyond childhood, we’re currently very fond of ‘Yucky Yellow Car’, and a visit anywhere with my dad driving is never complete without a rendition of “the quartermaster’s stores”…

    In terms of amusement during a journey though, I’ve noticed that ‘spotting’ games are often a great one to keep passengers amused (whether children or grown-up’s!) – first person to spot 4 red cars, etc… though this game does require impartial judges to say “if I didn’t see it, it doesn’t count!!”.

    • 2

      Amanda said,

      I agree Rich. Grown ups need just as much if not more entertainment! you can borrow our story CDs at any time for Anna! However, I do refuse to play eye spy when Dan reaches “S” for spot, “A” for another spot, etc! But what is “Yucky Yellow car?”

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