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The Christmas conundrum

I don’t know about you but every year Dan and I have big discussions about what to buy our kids for Christmas and how much to spend. Like a lot of people this year the budget is tight yet no-one wants disappointed children on Christmas day. On top of that, how do we teach our children to appreciate the cost of things, to be content with what they have and realise they can’t always have what they want. It feels a bit of a mine field

CIMG1741I definitely don’t have all the answers but a few helpful articles dropped into my inbox in the past week which I thought I would share with you. One article suggested that each child received 3 presents each, just like Jesus received from the Wise men. In Matthew 2:11 we are told that they brought: gold, frankincense and myrrh. Gold was the gift fitting for a King, so one present would be an expensive or extravagant gift, generally the one they wanted such as an ipod. Frankincense was meant to be for deity- so  one would be a spiritual gift for their personal growth, such as an age appropriate Bible, Christian music or personal journal. Finally, myrrh was a spice for someone who was going to die, a practical gift, which allows for a new coat, socks or a gift card to their favourite clothing store. I quite like this idea, especially as it links our present buying  to the Christmas story. You can check out the full article at

Another article I liked was on the subject of pester power. So many people I know go into debt at Christmas because they don’t want to disappoint their children or can’t say “no” to the latest new trend. Care for the family have brought out a booklet all about Pester power which you can download as a pdf for free, They have all sorts of ideas from other parents on keeping in budget this Christmas. Check it out at

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