Helping you build a Family of Faith

For those of you who have been round our church long enough will have heard about or may even have attended a Heritage Builders workshop. They are an organisation whose mission statement is “Helping you build a family of faith. Heritage Builders’ goal is to encourage and empower you in this great mission with practical resources and inspiring ideas that really work and help your children develop a lasting love for God. They exist to equip, train and motivate parents to become intentional about building a strong spiritual heritage

I really believe in the tools that they produce and we  have seen them working in our family.  So I am so excited that, as an organisation, they have decided to provide free a podcast of their Heritage Builders workshop for you to download and listen to at your leisure. I promise you it will be worth the time and energy. As parents, it is our responsibility to raise our children in the ways of the Lord but unless we are intentional, the business of life can get in the way. Heritage builders will give you some tools to help you be intentional.

Whatever age your children are it is never too soon or to late. So make a cup of coffee, sit down and listen to this first download. I promise you you won’t be disappointed.

Heritage builder podcast image

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