Balanced Parenting

The Control Freak Parent vs. The Pushover Parent: Why Neither Works.

In lots of areas of life we are called to be “Balanced“. We need to have a balanced diet, a balanced work and family life, and balanced finances! And I have been thinking a lot about being a balanced parent. As regular readers of my blog know, I read a lot about parenting. And what I am finding is that a lot of the books have some core things in common but I never agree totally with everything the author says. I just read a book recently which inspired me to hold my children more accountable for their actions but I didn’t agree with everything the author said. That is why the article above appealed to me. It talks about the two extemes of parenting. – the control freak and the pushover. Beware – reading this article can lead to a need for repentance! On reading the descriptions of both styles of parenting, I can only conclude I have two extremes, depending on what buttons my children push at the time! Luckily this article gives some ideas of how to become more balanced. It doesn’t give you all the answers, but as I said at the beginning no one thing does. As the article states

“Your child needs you to think for yourself and express your thoughts, beliefs and values. This helps him do the same for himself later.”

So click on the link above andsee how balanced you are…….

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