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Starting Christmas right

I don’t know about you but I love Christmas. Although I look at my diary for the next 3 weeks and my head is spinning at the number of carol concerts, dance displays and Christmas events that need at least attending, if not planning for, I wouldn’t change it. The mince pies, the carol singing and the smell of mulled wine always lifts my spirits however weary I get and watching children singing carols will always bring a tear to my eye! But somehow, amongst the festivities and Christmas tradition we can often lose sight of what Christmas really means, and I always wonder when we hit Christmas day, whether I have actually missed something. So last year I  followed a Youversion bible plan called “Rediscovering the Christmas season” As well as following the Christmas story in the bible in detail, it also looked at many of the traditions we follow at this time of year and put a new twist on them. It really helped me focus on the important things, leading up to the big day. This year I am getting the whole family involved as they have a bible Christmas plan for the whole family called “Countdown to Christmas.” We are going to try to get up a few minutes earlier in the morning so we can all read together over the breakfast table. Yes, it may be chaotic and we may not manage them all but I am trusting by Christmas day that my family will have a great sense of what is Christmas is really about

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