Make every day Valentines Day with the 2012 Marriage week challenge

I love marriage week and what it seeks to do – Each year the organises help us bring some romance and spark into our relationships and 2012 is no exception. So on the eve of Valentines Day, when the whole world seems to turn insane (and red!) and measure love by the number of valentines cards and gifts you do or do not receive,  I challenge you to take up the Marriage week 3 point challenge.

1 – ‘The Brush Past’ encouraging physical affection and tenderness. Accidently brush your arm against his or hers when you squeeze past each other. 

2 – ‘I See You’ challenging each to step back and appreciate their partner with fresh eyes. Make an effort to see and compliment the good in each others character. Speak an encouraging word to brighten their day.

3 – ‘Are We Nearly There Yet’ asking couples to be intentional about talking about their hopes and dreams. Really listen to each other. Identify where you are going in life and uncover some common goals.

The three small challenges are designed to get couples thinking and acting intentionally towards each other: For more info check out the website at

Let’s make it Valentines day every day in our marriage!


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