Caffiene in Pregnancy

One thing I remember as very confusing when I was pregnant with my boys was how much caffiene was safe. With Andrew I swapped to decaffinated coffee and tea but continued drinking diet coke! This was also helped by the fact that the mere wiff of a coffee cup would make me extremely nauseous. I nearly killed my work colleagues at the time when they bought a new coffee machine for the office! The current guidelines, as reported on, is that you do not need to give up caffiene, but you should stick with 200mg Caffiene  per day. 200mg is equivalent to two mugs of tea or two cups of instant coffee. However, don’t be like me and forget the other sources of caffiene that add to your daily amount such as Caffeine is in coffee, teas (including green tea), cola, some energy drinks and chocolate (FSA n.d,a).

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