Simplify your life

I just found this blog entry in my drafts and realised I never published it at the beginning of the year! I generally try to avoid New Years resolutions but this year I really felt God encouraging me to simplify my life.  In the beginning of January, I read Mark 10 v 13-16 where Jesus tells us thatanyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” To me that speaks of simplicity and innocence, no worries and full trust for provision. Last year, Dan and I needed to replace our drinking glasses, which were so tarnished by the dishwasher. Instead of buying three different sizes as we usually do, we bought twelve of the same which avoids lots of arguments between our kids about “who has the most coke” and removes at least one decision from our lives! We also have started shopping more regularly at Lidls. In the beginning, it was to save money but I have also realised how it has saved me time and hassle.  They don’t offer 20 choices of tinned tomatoes, just one so I don’t spend time agonising over what is the best quality for the best price, I just pick up the one tin! As someone who finds decision making difficult, I have turned a two hour shop into one hour door to door!

To help me on my journey, I am working through a book by Joyce Meyer called 100 Ways to Simplify Your life. The first thing – Do one thing at a time – is something I think us mums particularly are really bad at! We think multi tasking is a good thing but I am actually coming to realise that it means I don’t do anything well, or even worse, I don’t finish anything!  I am also really getting into decluttering thanks to a free kindle download called Decluttering your life. Looking around my house today, in the middle of the summer holidays, you might not think its made a difference but I do think its an on going battle! The less clutter, the easier it is to find things. The simple my life is the less stressed I should feel. I’ll let you know how I get on!

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